Kingplex Baseball

Professional Baseball Instruction

Philadelphia Phillies Pro Scout for over 34 years (Retired)

Professional Player 


Directly placed 89 students into college programs

Member of 1980 - 2008 World Champion Phillies

“Kingplex” Is run by a former Player “Hank King” with minor league experience, 6 years Orioles/Chicago White Socks, then spent 34 years with the “Philadelphia Phillies” as B.P. pitcher and defensive chart coach - then became “Phillies” Advance Scout” for 24 years, longest in professional baseball. This position meant dissecting the club the “Phillies” played next- meaning 25 reports on each player to the manager/coaching staff.
I threw B.P. to every member of the “Phillies” from 1976 to 2006. A lot of stories. I have learned my methods of teaching from experience and from “Professionals” not by video or magazines, which is usually the method used in most baseball schools. I do not claim to know everything, however, I am but a phone call away from:  Bowa/Maddox/Noles/Schmidt/Rolen/Glanville/Bystrom and Rose, also some close associates Coaches: MaRae/Osteen/Menke/Levya/Gross/Thompson”. The Late John Vukovick taught me a great deal about ” infield play” and how to handle stiff challenges, also John Podres, with his approach to pitching and his remarkable Ch-Up that he also taught me.  I have coached at” Valley Forge Military Academy,” “Pope John Paul” and will coach the Pottstown 7/8 team, developing players to take their skills to the next level.
I have always maintained an open approach to my youngsters and any type of problem they might have, and am always there to listen regardless of what the problem might be. This coming season I will also be involved with youth baseball that I am not at liberty to discuss at this time.

Most importantly, here at  “Kingplex” ACADEMICS are the first priority. Report cards are checked every 4 weeks. We also supply tutoring from local high schools if necessary. We also find schools that are in the area for SAT’s/ACT’s.  We have  added a very nice clubhouse for coaches to visit with parents and myself. It is important to have parents involved with the practices to see their student’s progress. I have a list of 30 colleges to contact, with which I have a very good rapport. If a school is a distance away, we will make a video tape and send it out immediately.
No need to have unprofessional advice that charge outrageous prices, as
it is free with your lesson. Colleges listen to a professional with credentials, which is not the case with many other complexes.
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